Monetizing Podcasts?

Playlist: Podcash: Follow the money
For any idea/concept people may have, others are spending inordinate amounts of effort to link them to money. Of course, it doesn’t solve any problem, but hey, we each have to fight on our own, right?
Ah, well…

This one is from Playlist (owned by Macworld and announced on the same site) about the possibility for transforming “podcasts” (downloadable blog-like radio shows) into either a revenue stream or at least a way to raise “brand awareness.” At least, it’s an honest way to put it. They’re not hiding behind big principles.

Just listened to Macworld’s second podcast. Apologies to those involved but if that’s the model they have in mind, there’s a thing or two that they didn’t get.
Funny how “old media” (even relatively small tech-oriented outlets) are still clueless about the changes that are happening.

Ah, well…


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