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School, State, Church

New Yorker: God and Country
Hanna Rosin on “a college that trains young Christians to be politicians.”

(Spoof) Bolton Appointment

The Onion | What Do You Think?

‘Appointing Bolton to the UN is like appointing a fish to ride a bicycle that he hates and wishes to destroy.’

A fish!

Podcasteurs francophones

Au joyeux podcasteur :: Bonnes adresses :: Sites francophones diffusant en podcast
Maintenant qu’iTunes supporte les podcasts directement, ça devient intéressant.
Pour ajouter un podcast dans iTunes, dans le menu «Avancé» il y a «S’abonner au podcast». iTunes accepte les liens RSS mais certains podcasts semblent ne pas fonctionner pour l’instant.


Bonne fête à toutes les Québécoises, à tous les Québécois et à tous ceux et celles qui aiment le Québec!
C’est la fête nationale, un moment où nous nous connaissons tous comme Québécois.

Happy National Day to all Quebeckers and to all of those who love Quebec!
This is a time for unity and sharing.

Syndicat Wal-Mart Union

“Union Jacked”
Samantha Bee interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Pour la Saint-Jean?

We’ll Live in Massachusetts

As it turns out, my wife and I will be living in Massachusetts from September to December and we’ll be looking for a place to stay. As she’ll be doing a post-doc in Linguistics at Smith (in NoHo, Western Mass.) and I’ll be teaching Anthropology at Tufts (close to Boston) and Bridgewater (Southeastern Mass.), we’d like to find a place from which it’s somewhat convenient to travel to both Boston and Western Mass. Actually, something close to the MBTA commuter rail would be great.

Sharing an apartment could be a great solution, if roommates are ok with having a couple at home. We’re quiet, responsible, clean, non-smoking…
If anyone knows of a place where we could both stay, a comment here would be convenient.

(On Gmail and other services, I’m enkerli. Email is fine.)

Podcasting Going Mainstream

Playlist: Mainstream media embraces podcasting
Interesting criticism of “mainstream media” on most Internet-related advances. According to this piece, the “mainstream media” might be jumping on podcasting earlier than most people. Not necessarily convincing as, despite relatively low numbers, podcasts have been part of the mindshare for a bit and have developed independently of “Big Media” ideas.
Also, if “Big Media” were to push podcasting too much, it might lose much of its appeal and could become just one another way we’re force-fed “information.”
To note, this very strong tendency to think about numbers: audience numbers and revenue potential. The enthusiasts who started podcasting might think about the same issues, but not as the very first things on their minds. Quite characteristic of “Big Media” that they think less about quality or social impact than about applying the same models to a “different medium.”
The point on bandwidth might merit some reflection. Is it costing podcasters that much? If so, aren’t P2P models the most obvious solution? And how much are we talking about exactly? Aren’t there other ways to cover those costs?
While this piece implies that “Big Media” are “getting” podcasting, I’m not sure they’re thinking about the same thing podcast users want.
At least, they’re not as reluctant as with TiVo, P2P networks, or non-DRM downloads…