We’ll Live in Massachusetts

As it turns out, my wife and I will be living in Massachusetts from September to December and we’ll be looking for a place to stay. As she’ll be doing a post-doc in Linguistics at Smith (in NoHo, Western Mass.) and I’ll be teaching Anthropology at Tufts (close to Boston) and Bridgewater (Southeastern Mass.), we’d like to find a place from which it’s somewhat convenient to travel to both Boston and Western Mass. Actually, something close to the MBTA commuter rail would be great.

Sharing an apartment could be a great solution, if roommates are ok with having a couple at home. We’re quiet, responsible, clean, non-smoking…
If anyone knows of a place where we could both stay, a comment here would be convenient.

(On Gmail and other services, I’m enkerli. Email is fine.)


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2 responses to “We’ll Live in Massachusetts

  • enkerli

    It’s quite old, actually. June, 2005. Moved several times since then. But thanks for the shout out.

  • Stephanie

    I am not sure how old this story is, but I found a free roommate site. You could always check that out, and not spend money on finding the next person you are going to live with. I will certainly not spend money on that again.

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