Bonne fête à toutes les Québécoises, à tous les Québécois et à tous ceux et celles qui aiment le Québec!
C’est la fête nationale, un moment où nous nous connaissons tous comme Québécois.

Happy National Day to all Quebeckers and to all of those who love Quebec!
This is a time for unity and sharing.


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One response to “Saint-Jean

  • Disparate » Blog Archive » The Vitality of Quebec Culture

    […] [Kept this one in my draft list for about a month. But thinking of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and other issues pushes me to post it as is. To be continued…] This is something of a follow-up on my CriticalWorld post on Quebec’s music industry. Was reading a gushing piece on Pierre-Karl Péladeau and Julie Snyder's media convergence success story to link from my blog entry on Quebec music scenes and the CRTC. That piece was written by Globe and Mail journalist Konrad Yakabuski whose perspective on Quebec's “cultural industries,” though very business-oriented, seems rather insightful. A few months after that Péladeau/Snyder piece, Yakabuski wrote an article about the success story revolving around Quebec movie Seducing Doctor Lewis (original title: La Grande séduction). That movie is actually one of my favourite examples of what Quebec culture “is all about” these days. Not only did I really enjoy that movie, but the fact that it has won several awards implies something more than local appeal. To me, it’s a good example of something clearly Québécois, yet rather easily exportable. […]

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