Getting a Clue?

Playlist: Sexohol sells:

Apparently when you’re issued your membership to the RIAA, you receive not only an ID card, glow-in-the-dark lapel pin, and mystic watch fob, but a pamphlet titled “Ways to Resist the Inevitability of Change,” which begins:

1. Whenever the subject of improving the marketing and distribution of music through technology is introduced, jam your fingers into your ears and belt out –with Mermanesque verve–”There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

2 – 10. See 1.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. The fact that outfits like the iTunes Music Store exist at all indicates that the music industry gets part of the equation. However the promotion of copy protected CDs and the continued existence of radio payola demonstrates that the industry still has a foot in the Stone Age.

Fun-ny! 🙂
Too bad he didn’t expand on numbers 2–10…


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