Presentation on Blogging

These are the Wiki pages from the presentation at IUSB which started me on this whole blogging thing. Had wanted to blog for a while but was afraid it’d take too much time.
Some parts of these Wiki pages are specific to IUSB and/or to Expression Engine, but the overall presentation could be useful to other would-be bloggers.

Ken Smith is known at IUSB for his blogging activities. He integrates those with academic and community activities.


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One response to “Presentation on Blogging

  • Disparate » Blog Archive » Lectorat de blogue

    […] À la fin du mois de mars 2005, je suis allé à un atelier sur les blogues donné par un centre universitaire qui met l’accent sur l’excellence en enseignement. L’atelier était intéressant en soit et j’avais mon iBook avec moi. J’ai pas vraiment blogué l’atelier, mais j’ai créé mon premier blogue pendant l’atelier. […]

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