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Nostalgie, quand tu nous tiens

Pense souvent à la danse de chaperonnette à pois, le personnage principal d’une émission pour enfant de la fin des années 1960, début 1970. L’original s’appelait Lupo lupone e cappuccetto a pois. C’était tessinois (de la Suisse Italienne): RTSI – Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana. Il y en a un extrait (en italien), version RealVideo. Il y a deux épisodes complets sur Veoh.

Et il existe un coffret en français, mais l’image est paraît-il de piètre qualité. N’empêche, ça peut être agréable d’en regarder quelques minutes, histoire de toucher à la nostalgie.

Faut dire que ça vend, la nostalgie.

Social Networks, Software, Wiretaps

PBS | I, Cringely . January 26, 2006 – The Falafel Connection

Social networks from the point of view of computer geeks. Social networks are quite important in social sciences (from Milgram to Boissevain, Milroy to Eckert). And there’s a parallel in the computer world through “social software” (online sites and tools such as Friendster, LinkedIn, FaceBook, LiveJournal, Flickr,, Flock…).

Cringely talks about a specific case (wiretaps) but broad ideas about social networks have become mainstream.

Does this new awareness of the effects of networking have any consequence in the way we understand friendship?


Am but a squeaky wheel in this here machine.

Empowered Through Film-Making

ONF – Wapikoni mobile

A project to help young members of Quebec First Nations communities through film-making. Some of these films were presented during Montreal’s Ethographic Film Festival.


THE TENSION: Conservatives Take Canada

That’s one way to put it. Others are talking about a shift to the right. Not sure about this. Continue reading

Virage à droite?

Viens de finir de regarder la couverture télé des élections. Assez intéressante, comme situation.

Pour répondre à une amie qui croit y voir un virage à droite, petite analyse à chaud.

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Bandname: Rest

With a band named Rest, some possible titles for songs or even albums:

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Elections Canada On-line – Élection Canada en-ligne
Vive la démocratie!
Hurray for democracy!

the K Chronicles: “One Day in Ye Olde White House..”

Keith Knight
À propos!

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The Chicago Archives of Alcohol: A self-guided tour

David Witter:

examples of Chicago’s alcohol-drenched history

Mentions the Lager Beer Riot of 1855 but focuses on bars that opened later in the 19th century and operated during the prohibition.

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First week with an emachine H3070

Bought this refurb’ed emachines H3070 online through (the online store for Best Buy Canada). Got the machine on December 30. Relatively painless order process. Had been waiting for some “Boxing Day” sales (on December 26, the equivalent of Black Friday in Canada). Got the machine for 399$. With taxes (15% in Quebec) and express shipping (around 11$): 473$. Not bad. Got a 15″ CRT monitor at a pawn shop for 22$. So a true sub-500$ system. In Canadian dollars.

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New WordPress

Just started to try out this new version of WordPress. Been working on a blog for a research project on "Thinking Globalization Through Music."
WP 2.0 seems pretty neat. The interface is better, more efficient. Several features added directly to the post-writing page.
Like the fact that it's freely hosted. Good way to try out a few things. The hosted version is pretty barebones and we can't install plug-ins, but it's pretty decent. Certainly on par with Blogspot (Blogger) in terms of simply hosting and a bit more convenient as a way to publish posts. Still can see value in hosting it ourselves.

emachines Power Supply

Already got to replace the power supply on my new (refurbished) emachine H3070. Got the unit on December 30, it’s January 9.
This might be useful to someone else. Couldn’t find much info online right away. Eventually called a rep.

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