From my friend David Levy’s signature:

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall internet the earth.


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2 responses to “Gee-ky!

  • enkerli

    Would you be able to scan this cartoon and post it? Well, Scott Adams may object, which would be sad.
    Geek humour is really fun. I really like the sandwich joke.

  • Adam Vero

    That was the headline of a computer magazine article over here about 9 years ago which also had a Dilbert cartoon above it. In a meeting he is asked about something he does not know, so he rambles on geekily until his entire audience are asleep and then declares “and in conclusion, never underestimate the power of technology”.

    I still have a copy on my wall – I used to carry this cartoon as the easiest way to answer people if they asked what my job (as a technical consultant) actually involved.

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