Good Customer Service: Netflix

Sure, no company’s customer service is ever perfect but I like what Netflix has done.

As I’m back in Montreal and Netflix (unfortunately) doesn’t ship to Canada, I put my Netflix account on hold. It used to be that you could do just that from your account page but, these days, you need to send a message to customer service. Which I did and they suspended my account right away. I sent back the last DVD I had received from them and had put myself a note for when the hold would be lifted.

Because the PDA on which I had noted this date died on me, I didn’t notice that the date for my account reactivation had come by and, this morning, I received messages from Netflix telling me that my account was active again, that I was charged the regular fees, and that a movie would soon be sent to my address in Massachusetts. Oops! I should have changed my reactivation date! My mistake! Too late! Let’s hope I can push it back and not receive a DVD at an address where I’m not…

So I sent a message back to customer service. Not only did they reply quite fast and put a new hold on my account but they actually credited my credit card account for the fees that they had automatically taken from it. Sure, it makes a lot of sense to do just that. But many companies would only reimburse you if you complained, threatened to sue, and made a big fuss about it. So, it’s surprisingly nice to not have to go into a fit for a small thing like this.

Again, really, it’s not much. But it proves that Netflix got it: you don’t get good business if you constantly try to nickel and dime your customers.

So, thank you, Netflix!


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Good Customer Service: Netflix”

  1. yah does anyone know a link for netflix for montreal…iv been looking for a while now and the only thing i can find is the one for the states…it does have anything for montreal if anything one the inside for netflix please send me an email…please and thank you all…

    1. No, Netflix in Canada. There’s which does something fairly similar, but from what I remember, their queue system is quite different.
      At the same time, because of the BAnQ, I rarely have a need to rent DVDs.

  2. Hey there fellow Linkie! I was just on the mtl link up and saw that you had a site yourself.

    Am part of the Entrepreneur club. Feel free to take a look around any time or stop by.

    Nice site!

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