Woohoo! We’re back on, baby!

Technorati Blog Info: Disparate

Mysteriously, this here main blog of mine wasn’t getting updated in Technorati’s famously unreliable databases. For about six months, my new posts and incoming links weren’t showing up. It now works.  So, that’s cool.

Not that it’s likely to bring me traffic or to increase my ranking somewhere. But it might bring me more of the attention from cool people that some entries have garnered me, on occasion. Call me vain all you want (anyone who discusses blogging eventually calls some bloggers vain, it seems) but there’s something fun about getting noticed if you eventually get to contribute something back.  Usually, non-blog tribunes work better for me to achieve those goals. Mailing-lists are especially good, for me. Or, possibly, forum comments.

Actually, the problem might be that blogging is still not a very natural thing for me to do. And my writing habits are possibly incompatible with blogging culture (though, not with the nature of blogging).

Still, blogging has been fun. Technorati might even make it a little bit more fun.

Who knows, maybe some people will eventually comment my posts… 😉


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “TechYesRati!”

  1. You’re right, of course. I guess I was mostly thinking about my other online activities which are actually object to the same considerations you list. What’s more, I blog more for release, I guess.

    As for having something quasi-interesting to say, I never wait until it happens. I think by talking or writing. Hence the weirdness…

  2. the problem might be that blogging is still not a very natural thing for me to do

    In some ways, it doesn’t seem like a natural thing for anyone to do. We cloud our identities with varying degrees of success, present our thoughts in the most stylized writing/imagery we can achieve, but still attempt to present an authentic version of ourselves to the Internet. Determining what should and shouldn’t be made public, what’s interesting vs. mindless crap, posting and editing and posting (wretched typos) is not natural at all. But it can be fun.

    I’ll certainly comment on your posts when I have something quasi-interesting to say. Usually I don’t. 😛

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