Confessions of a Naïve Professor

Call me naïve.

I thought academia was about knowledge.

I thought academic research was about the quest for knowledge.

I thought academic publishing was about the dissemination of knowledge.

I thought academics cared about teaching.

I thought students cared about learning.

I thought lifelong-learning was more than a buzzphrase.

I thought ideas had value beyond finance.

I thought ideas could be challenged.

I thought ideas could surmount prestige differentials.

I thought knowledge could benefit all human beings equally.

I thought honesty was the best policy.

I thought respect was a matter of common sense.

I thought open-mindedness was a true ideal.

I thought wisdom could come from different sources.

I thought knowledge was more than information.

I thought communication was more than the transmission of information.

I thought.

Call me “naïve.” Please do.

But what would why should you call me “Professor?”[edited Feb 25, 2k7 13:04, typo] [edited Sep 5, 2k9 11:21, typo]


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

14 thoughts on “Confessions of a Naïve Professor”

  1. @Carl Not me. I’m not saying that it’s exclusive.
    If you see my follow-up, you’ll probably understand more about how I feel.

  2. You’re not naive, you’re a freaking tyrant. Who says the academy has to be ONLY about these things? Step back, Robespierre. ;-p

  3. As one of my favourite quote goes:
    “Compulsively naive, he was living more than others were.”
    «Doué d’une naïveté maladive, il vivait plus que les autres»

    Thanks for your comment!!!

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