No Apology Required

Not sure why, but I quite like Omnikrom. Their summer hits  are unapologetically poppy and I like the self-deprecating humour which seeps through the whole thing. These guys seriously don’t take themselves too seriously. All the while posing as superstars, which they could well become.

I should go to the free (as in summer beer) Omnikrom and Numéro# Fouf show on May 9.

Omnikrom and Numéro#

Thanks to André Péloquin’s PodMo for including «Été hit» (which he got from La Swompe).

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4 responses to “No Apology Required

  • Adam Waito

    We just played last week and don’t have anything concrete planned for the near future…
    We’d love to play with those guys. I think it would totally work. Or collaborate! I’d love to do some beats for some freaky franco MCs…

  • enkerli

    And, I would almost say, I rediscovered your band thanks to the wonders of Facebook. But I did think about it on occasion (like, talking with Jessie). It’s just that I didn’t have time to keep up with the band’s news.
    Is Telefauna playing soon?
    Omnikrom and Telefauna playing on the same stage. Now, that’d be something!

  • Adam Waito

    Hey Alex,
    I rediscovered you blog thanks to the wonders of Facebook.
    Maybe I’ll see you there… Omnikrom are quite fun!

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