Free, Open, Online: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (Files)

ZohoShow – FOF-ppt by enkerli

Free, Open, Online: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (PDF)

Free, Open, Online: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (PPT)

Free, Open, Flexible: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (MP3)
Free, Open, Flexible: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (podcast)
FOF Discussion (MP3)
FOF Discussion (podcast)


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Free, Open, Online: Rethinking Learning Materials Online (Files)”

  1. Christopher,
    I should upload the recording pretty soon. I don’t have my own server but I’ll probably use Podomatic or something.
    These days, I record pretty much anything. Conferences I attend, band rehearsals, some conversations with friends…
    Instead of letting students recording the course, I got my university to podcast my lectures, this past year. It worked quite well. I’ll either have them do it the next time or do it myself.
    About PPT. I don’t like it but I do end up using it. In this case, I did my whole presentation in MS Office: OneNote to Word to PowerPoint and to blog. Not as nice a workflow as my old OmniOutliner to LaTeX to PDF, but still pretty much ok.
    I don’t use PPT in dazzling ways. I just do bullet points. On the Moodle lounge, there’s been some talk against bullet points (from research in cognitive psychology). I’ll be reassessing my “format” but I feel comfortable this way.
    And it’s an important point, for me, that my teaching should be comfortable. The whole workflow issue was one of my points during the presentation. We do a lot of work and are perfectly fine with making it available. Now, why don’t we follow this further?

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. This is really cool. Wish I had a podcast of you walking us through this slide show.

    A few comments– re: podcasting– in language classes, podcasting is particularly useful. Often I have students who want to “record” me and I don’t let them unless I have a note from disability services. But podcasting allows me to make lectures available to students who need to hear it twice or stop the recording and start it again to get their notes right.

    Also, I wish I knew how to use powerpoint better. I am in the stone ages with powerpoint while I do all this other post-power point type stuff on the web. Did you use powerpoint to make your slideshare presentation or did you use a different program like keynote? Most literature scholars stink at using powerpoint in an attractive way.

  3. Tu peux regarder la présentation directement ici. C’est une présentation pour une conférence sur l’enseignement. Ça s’est bien passé. Vais bloguer là-dessus bientôt.
    Pour les liens, je les accumule. Après tout, je suis un papillon social.

  4. Faudrait que j’aille voir ce document, c’est un cours ou une conférence que tu donnes ?

    Merci d’avoir mis mon blog dans tes liens…tu en as pas mal!

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