People I Allegedly Look Like

A number of people on Facebook have been posting notes which include celebrity look-alikes based on facial recognition. Yet another effect of the “memetic marketplace.”

In my own case, the results aren’t that striking. Although, this picture of Stallman looks quite a bit like my father and I look very much like my father.

Seems like my facial hair and glasses counted quite a bit in the recognition.

Still, it’s funny that I should look like fellow Swiss Joseph Deiss and fellow Canadian Frederick Banting. This might be where the “heritage” part of the facial recognition is uncannily accurate. Or it’s just a coincidence.


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

10 thoughts on “People I Allegedly Look Like”

  1. Yet I’m probably more of an RMS guy than a swimmer or a thoughtful activist.

    Now, with the comments posted here, methinks this will not be the last post on this blog to feature funny pictures.

  2. @Yara: la ressemblance physique avec Simone de Beauvoir est difficile à voir, vu ton âge (et l’âge de la grande Simone, sur la photo). Mais les liens psychologiques sont intéressants.

    @Laurent: C’est tentant, mais faudrait maintenant que je commence à me promener en col roulé noir et en jeans. Le col roulé, c’est correct, mais j’aime pas les jeans. N’empêche, si ça me donne accès à un «champ de distortion de la réalité», ça vaut le coup! 😉

  3. @Yara: You definitely should post this! Anne Frank and Halle Berry in the same face… Precious!
    @Jerome: Bien d’accord avec toi. Bon, il a une attitude assez particulière mais j’aime plusieurs de ses idées.

  4. ben moi perso, je serai plutot fier de ressembler a RMS (Stallman).
    Si ce n’est le physique, je tente par la conscience.

  5. Ok I tried it! With 2 different photos! With the first one I looked like Hally Berry! and with the other like Anne Frank!

    A good mix of drama and tragedy with a bit of stardust. No complaints here!


  6. C’est pas mal comme truc cette histoire. J’immagine qu’on a l’estime de soi un peu plus haut quand on constate à quoi on ressemble…

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