People Catherine Allegedly Looks Like

Her percentages are better than mine.


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

12 thoughts on “People Catherine Allegedly Looks Like”

  1. Right, my dad is the third triplet with Kaczynski and Saddam Hussein (immediately following his capture) as the other two. The wacky eyebrows are the key. Looking forward to that phase of my life.

  2. @Carl Ah, but you need to post it on your blog!
    (Actually, I hadn’t seen you had posted more. Good for you!)
    In my case, vocal free software advocate Richard Stallman was my best match, last year. He looks a lot like my father, in that picture. But it’s mostly facial hair.

  3. Not to create a panic or anything, but I came back 56% Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) and 51% Rudy Giuliani. The 59% match with rapper Xzibit was also intriguing.

  4. @Greeneyes No problem about your French. It’s actually pretty good and I appreciate the gesture.
    I didn’t know Jody Williams before MyHeritage listed her as someone who has some similarities with Catherine. And, in fact, I hadn’t looked her up before today. (Posted this image almost a year ago.)
    By definition, anyone who has received a Nobel Peace Prize is famous. Which is a double-edged sword, of course. But it must still make for interesting discussions during family reunions… 😉
    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Pardon mon francais. Je suis englais et c’est trois annees apres mon classe de francais final.
    Mais, j’ecris parce que je ne sais pas que Jody Williams est une celebrity. Oui, elle est famous, mais, elle est ma tante! Je trouve d’information bizarre beaucoup au sujet d’elle, mais c’est le plus magnifique info jamais. Je pense que c’est tres etrange que beaucoup de personnes sait d’elle.

    J’aime “myheritage,” s’est tres amusant! Je suis Avril Lavigne selon myheritage.

    Encore, je suis tres desole pour mon francais

  6. On blague là-dessus, parce que Catherine voit pas trop la ressemblance à Isabella Rossellini. Mais c’est amusant quand même.
    Heather Graham et Kirsten Dunst, Catherine semble assez d’accord.
    À différentes époques, on a comparé Catherine à toutes sortes de monde, de Drew Barrymore à Michelle Pfeifer.

  7. Je l’ai fait finalement, et moi j’avais 5 hommes et 5 femmes…Je dois avoir de quoi d’un peu asiatique, parce que j’en ai plusieurs dans mes look-alikes! 😉

  8. Ya même un gars dans le lot! 😉 Mais ça doit être plaisant de se faire comparer à Isabella Rosselini, c’est plutôt une belle femme!

    Je vais aller voir ça ce site là…

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