My Favourite Café

[Another old draft. Gotta “clean the attic.”]

I won’t mention the name I had in mind as it doesn’t seem to be in use for a café yet. But it’s a name that could work in both English and French.

It would be a small café. At least at first. Cozy, well-lit, fun, warm, friendly, and open in many ways. Open to anyone of any age, of any background. Open 24 hours a day. Open WiFi access. Open discussions.

It would have some geeky features yet would welcome more “old school” attitudes toward technology. It could serve as an Internet café yet would be populated by people who favour face-to-face interactions. It would host a server for open distribution of content but that dimension would be quite discreet.
Coffee would be put to the fore. As many different types of coffee and brewing methods as possible. Press pots, moka pots, vacuum pots, AeroPress, Clover… Espresso would be pulled from different blends

Many thoughts for artisan breads and beers, shows, meeting place for artists, connections with other cafés in other places, social networking at its fullest.

We’ll see.


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

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