Here Am I, in Austin

Lots to talk about. Too little time, right now.

And I don’t tend to blog about that kind of “personal diary” content, so much.

But I’m in Austin, TX. The start of a new phase for me.

Flew in from snowy Montreal. Things are going rather well, with very minor hiccups.

It does feel weird.

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5 responses to “Here Am I, in Austin

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  • enkerli

    Le message court, c’est que j’avais pas encore d’accès Internet régulier. En fait, c’est pas encore réglé.
    Pour l’emploi du temps et tout ça, c’est particulier, disons.

    Joyeuses fêtes!

  • helene

    woooo je crois pouvoir imaginer comment ca peut être weird…. comment ce message court le laisse paraitre… comment le décalage en tout doit être de taille…quelle sont tes priorités d’emploi du temps?, de choix de loisirs? de …? je pense bien a vous.
    vous souhaite de belles fetes de noel, un bon temps des fêtes.
    bises bretonnes

  • enkerli

    The only hats I have with me, right now, are a tuque and a cap from Monterey, CA. 😉
    Coffee is a bit of an issue. Been to one good coffee place so far (JP’s Java), which is close to campus. But there aren’t that many places for great coffee, around town. What’s perhaps the most surprising is that The Drag (the section of Guadalupe running along the campus) isn’t littered with great coffee shops. There’s an Einstein’s Brothers location, a Starbucks not too far but no great coffee place.
    Anyhoo… Life is good so far. But I haven’t had steady Internet access for a while so I get the jitters from “online withdrawal syndrome.”

  • RS

    Do you have a hat and boots yet? Hope you found coffee already…best of luck!

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