BarCamp Austin III (Informal Unconference During SXSW)


BarCamp wiki / BarCampAustinIII

Noticed it thanks to a comment about the iPhone SDK. Haven’t yet participated in a BarCamp but it should be fun.

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2 responses to “BarCamp Austin III (Informal Unconference During SXSW)

  • enkerli

    Really glad to know you’re coming our way. Do stay in touch!
    In fact, I’ll send you my phone number. My schedule’s pretty flexible, these days.

  • jencardew

    Hey Alexandre,

    I’m heading your way to attend SXSW interactive and we’re thinking about attending BarCampAustin too. I went to the Orlando one last year and we’re going to BarCampMiami this year because it falls during FOWA (next week).

    We’ll be in Austin from 3/6 – 3/12 so maybe we’ll get to see you around! I’ve never been to Austin, so I’m enjoying your posts about the city 🙂

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