Judging Coffee and Beer: Answer to DoubleShot Coffee Company

DoubleShot Coffee Company: More Espresso Arguments. I’m not in the coffee biz but I do involve myself in some coffee-related things, including barista championships (sensory judge at regional and national) and numerous discussions with coffee artisans. In other words, I’m nobody important. In a way, I “come from” the worlds of beer and coffee homebrewing. … Continue reading “Judging Coffee and Beer: Answer to DoubleShot Coffee Company”

Homeroasting and Coffee Geekness

I bought the i-Roast 2 homeroaster: I’m one happy (but crazy) coffee geek.

Beer Eye for the Coffee Guy (or Gal)

The coffee world can learn from the beer world.

Cuvée Coffee

[Old Draft] Turns out, this blend is much more flexible and much less finicky than I first thought. Just tried (June 22) a few shots on a LaPa EDL12 with pressurized portafilter. Though all my shots on this machine are severely underextracted, I get some nice high notes in the middle of the taste and … Continue reading “Cuvée Coffee”

Texan Coffee Scenes, Cuvée

As I prepare to move away from Texas (unforeseen circumstances), Texas’s coffee scenes seem to be going through an interesting phase. Case in point, recent media coverage of Houston’s Cuvée Coffee Roasting Company and its founder, Mike McKim. Grounds for enthusiasm – Houston Business Journal Houston Community Newspapers Online – Conscious coffee equals quality coffee … Continue reading “Texan Coffee Scenes, Cuvée”

Music, Coffee, Digital Life

“These are a few of my favourite things…” I keep thing that music and coffee have a lot to do with one another. I’m also a wannabe geek. So I’m quite interested in the recently-announced Apple/Starbucks partnership to distribute music via wireless connections. Apple – iTunes – Starbucks Haven’t read much discussion about this deal … Continue reading “Music, Coffee, Digital Life”

Montreal Coffee Renaissance?

Just posted a message about my Caffè in Gamba, a new café in Montreal. CoffeeGeek – Regional: Eastern Canada, Caffè in Gamba (Montreal Intelligentsia) Because this café’s website isn’t online yet, I would need to repeat the info. The café is located in a new building at 5263 Park Ave., between Fairmount and Bernard. It’s … Continue reading “Montreal Coffee Renaissance?”

Intro to Post-Starbucks Coffee

A podcast episode on coffee, with Karen Blumenthal, George Howell and Corby Kummer. On Point : Coffee Buzz – Coffee Buzz Blumenthal, author of a book about Starbucks, isn’t mentioned in the show notes but she seems to have set the tone of the show, to a certain extent. In the rest of the show, … Continue reading “Intro to Post-Starbucks Coffee”

Coffee in Norway

Nice! An elaborate description of coffee-drinking habits in Norway, within a forum thread on Turkish-style coffee brewing: CoffeeGeek – Articles: How-To Article Feedback, Brewing Turkish Coffee coffee is very much a national drink in Norway, and that would have travelled with Norwegians immigrants going to Minnesota, North Dakota, Washinton state in the US and Manitoba … Continue reading “Coffee in Norway”

Coffee, Globalisation, “Race”

I’m usually a bit careful before jumping on the soapbox, but this is quite interesting. It’s from the blog for Black Gold, a documentary about the global coffee market. The Trials of Daryl Hunt deals with national racism in the US justice system and [Black Gold] deals with the globalised racism maintained through a rigged … Continue reading “Coffee, Globalisation, “Race””

Coffee Brewing Methods

Got this discussion going on CoffeeGeek for a while now. CoffeeGeek – Coffee: Machines and Brewing Methods, Confessions of a Brikka Lover There are so many ways to make coffee: Moka pots, vac pots, Turkish pots, Neapolitan pots, press pots, drip pots, percolators, balance brewers, AeroPress, Clover, semi-automatic espresso machines, super-automatic espresso machines, manual espresso … Continue reading “Coffee Brewing Methods”

Glocal Craftiness: Coffee, Beer, Music

Long-winded ramblings comparing coffee, beer, and music in terms of global and local production and consumption.

Columbian Green Coffee Beans

Joe Ferrante's looking for bloggers interesting in columbian green coffee beans Thanks for the comment, Joe! I guess the reason you got here was that I do occasionally blog about coffee. Unfortunately, I haven't been tagging most of my posts here. I do have another blog where I posted a café review. I also reviewed … Continue reading “Columbian Green Coffee Beans”

I Hate Books

I want books dead. For social reasons.

Happiness Anniversary

A year ago today, I found out that I was, in fact, happy.

How I Got Into Beer

Ramblings about my passions for beer and experimentation.