Rex, over at anthro blog Savage Minds, was questioning (or just asking about) people’s use of “Euro-American” as a label for different groups of people. He was concerned about ethnic and/or “racial” connotations. Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog » No but seriously: Euro-American? Looks like I did use “Euro-American” … Continue reading “Euro-American?”

Scriptocentrism and the Freedom to Think

Books are modern. Online textuality is postmodern.

My Blogging Life

Phew! I just finished what might be one of my longest blogposts, ever: PHP #1: Austin, TX (USA) « The Compulsive Pedestrian I guess I had a lot to say… 😎 It’s on a new topical blog I created. That blog deals with what I now like to call “carfree living.” I was originally calling … Continue reading “My Blogging Life”

Dismissive Naysayers (Rant)

Ok, I must really be in a ranting spree… 😉 Feels kind of good. 🙂 Don’t worry, it won’t last. 😎 So… Why is it that people occasionally seem forced to be dismissive with people who like something that they themselves happen not to like? You know, in culinary articles, movie reports, political rallies, book reviews… Quite … Continue reading “Dismissive Naysayers (Rant)”

One Cellphone Per Child? Ethnographic Insight and Individualism

Lots to mull over. Haven’t read this report by Daniel Miller and Heather Horst (PDF) yet, but it does sound quite insightful: The whole report is full of examples for ethnography’s ability to check (and often disprove) common-sense beliefs concerning the benefits of new technologies Rich ethnographic reports about the uses of ICT in low-income … Continue reading “One Cellphone Per Child? Ethnographic Insight and Individualism”

Audio People of the World: “You, Knight!”

Much to be said about a recent ITConversations podcast episode. Ostensibly, this episode was about the LibriVox success story. (LibriVox is a community project producing public domain audiobooks from public domain books in diverse languages.) Yet, during this conversation, Web analyst (and Microsoft employee) Jon Udell along with LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire managed to share … Continue reading “Audio People of the World: “You, Knight!””

Food and Satisfaction

Catherine and I have a lot to celebrate. Her recent offer from Austin, her less recent doctoral defense, ten years of living together… We had promised ourselves one truly good restaurant meal. In fact, this promise was made several times over the past year or so but we had never been able to fulfill it.

Jobs and Satisfaction

This one is more of a web log entry than my usual ramblings. Executive Summary: Life Is Good.

Took a While

The latest episode of Télé-Québec’s Les Francs Tireurs had a segment on international humatarian aid. (Especially of the Euro-American CICR and Reporters sans frontières style.) Maybe there are more (I don’t to watch much television) but this one was the first television report which had a thoughtful and insightful discussion of the negative impacts of … Continue reading “Took a While”