Homeroasting and Coffee Geekness

I bought the i-Roast 2 homeroaster: I’m one happy (but crazy) coffee geek.

Présence féminine et culture geek (Journée Ada Lovelace) #ald09

Ma contribution pour la Journée Ada Lovelace (#ald09): les femmes, la culture geek et le média social.

Wheel Reinvention and Geek Culture

In mainstream North American society, “reinventing the wheel” (investing efforts on something which has already been done) is often seen as a net negative.  “Don’t waste your time.” “It’s all been done.” “No good can come out of it.” In geek culture, the mainstream stigma on wheel reinvention has an influence. But many people do … Continue reading “Wheel Reinvention and Geek Culture”

The Geek Niche (Draft)

As explained before, I am not a “visual” thinker. Unlike some other people, I don’t draw witty charts all the time. However, I do occasionally think visually. In this case, I do “see” Venn diagrams and other cutesy graphics. What I’m seeing is the proportion of “geeks” in the world. And, to be honest, it’s … Continue reading “The Geek Niche (Draft)”

Smells Like Geek Spirit

Ok, too easy. But this piece does mention odours: Take off your suit pants and jacket — It’s Web 2.0 – Blogs – Code Monkey Business – Builder AU And, as always, I’m fascinated by geek culture. I associate with it, to an extent, even though I am not a coder. It’s still really funny, … Continue reading “Smells Like Geek Spirit”

How Geeks Think

[Drafted this a long while ago but I need to clear out my stuff…] Was listening to the TWiT show on Apple’s 30th anniversary during which Leo Laporte interviewed early Apple employees, including Steve “Woz” Wozniak. Got me thinking about the peculiarity of the “geek mindset.” As a wannabe geek, I say this with a … Continue reading “How Geeks Think”

Geeking Out on Syntax

“Judging” grammaticality through software: MiniJudge. (Via Jean Crawford, Starr Linguist) As a complete outsider to the minimalist program (and to those language sciences which focus on syntax), my perception has often been that judgements of grammaticality relied too heavily on introspection by native speakers. Proponents of these generative theories often talk of “instincts” or “intuitions” … Continue reading “Geeking Out on Syntax”

Sizing Up the Geek Crowd

Rocketboom interview with Steve Rubel Like Delagrave and Bergeron, Rubel got it. And it goes much beyond marketing, brands, or even economy. Geeks are at the forefront of something. They have an impact. Not a direct impact on sales of a specific product. But geeks are trailblazers and, sometimes, trendsetters in the social changes which … Continue reading “Sizing Up the Geek Crowd”

Minds of All Sizes Think Alike

What does social network analysis tell us about groupthink and boundaries?

Development and Quality: Reply to Agile Diary

Getting on the soapbox about developers.

Groupthink in Action

Seems like I’m witnessing a clear groupthink phenomenon.

Profils et web social

Élucubrations sur deux types de constructions de profils

Actively Reading: OLPC Critique

Annotations on a critique of the OLPC project.