Concordia Librarians, an Open Letter

I commend some of Concordia’s librarians for the quality of their work. Because I care.

Blogged Librarians

Is it just me or is there an increased presence of librarians on the blogosphere, these days? Not just as authors but as subjects. For instance: Librarian Michael Gorman’s blog entries are followed by Danah Boyd’s response. Over at The Chronicle of Higher Education (the college-focused equivalent of the NYT), Brock Read blogs about Thomas … Continue reading “Blogged Librarians”


Classifying Information: Foucault to Librarians

No, I don’t mean “classified information” as in “restricted access.” I mean, ways to classify data, content, pieces of information, books, tracks… Listened, a few days ago, to two podcasts in a row which gave special attention to information processing in relationship with library systems. The more I learn about them, the more librarians fascinate … Continue reading “Classifying Information: Foucault to Librarians”

Librarians and Engineers on Information, Knowledge

An older Open Source episode on Google Print Seems to me, a large part of the discussion had to about two distinct and fairly incompatible “worldviews,” or more precisely in this case, two ways to see the realities of information and knowledge. Both are certainly legitimate, accurate, understandable, and logical. But they do clash. Pretty … Continue reading “Librarians and Engineers on Information, Knowledge”

Creative Inquiry

This should be interesting. My proposal for a session at the Spirit of Inquiry conference has been accepted. Here is the description which should appear in the conference program: Free, Open, Flexible: Rethinking Learning Materials Online Alexandre Enkerli, Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University Considered as a whole, learning materials such as textbooks … Continue reading “Creative Inquiry”

What to Rethink?

Prepared a proposal for an upcoming Spirit of Inquiry conference at Concordia University. In a recent video ethnography of the “Web 2.0” concept, anthropologist Michael Wesch invited the online audience to rethink a wide array of concepts, from copyright and authorship to identity and commerce. My session, if accepted, should follow these ideas along with … Continue reading “What to Rethink?”

We Do Live in Interesting Times

And I mean that in a positive, optimistic, hopeful, idealistic way. Been pretty busy recently. Have a bunch of things to read and catch up with. So this’ll just be a series of links. I feel they’re all related, in a way… Apple – Thoughts on Music Quick Analysis “Free”… as in “Speech” or as … Continue reading “We Do Live in Interesting Times”