New/Old Media: NYT Groks It

As an obvious example of “Old Media” in the U.S., The New York Times is easy to criticize. But the paper and the media company have also been showing signs that maybe, just maybe, they are home to people who do understand what is happening online, these days. Back in September 2007, for instance, the … Continue reading “New/Old Media: NYT Groks It”


NYT Mindset, Nationalism, Wars

On a recent episode of his Radio Open Source podcast, Christopher Lydon admits that the fact that the recent Israeli attack came between issues of the New York Times had an impact on his ability to reflect on the issue. The episode itself, especially near the end, linked “normalcy” in Israeli society with a culture … Continue reading “NYT Mindset, Nationalism, Wars”

WordPress as Content Directory: Getting Somewhere

Using WordPress to build content directories and databases.

Minds of All Sizes Think Alike

What does social network analysis tell us about groupthink and boundaries?

Concordia Librarians, an Open Letter

I commend some of Concordia’s librarians for the quality of their work. Because I care.

Academics and Their Publics

(Why Are Academics So) Misunderstood?

Moving On

Sometimes, you might as well make radical changes in your life.

What Not to Tweet

Sarcastic do’s and don’ts list about “improper” Twitter behaviour.

No Office Export in Keynote/Numbers for iPad?

Sounds like iWork for iPad will export to Word but not to PowerPoint or Excel.

Scriptocentrism and the Freedom to Think

Books are modern. Online textuality is postmodern.

Installing BuddyPress 1.2 on FatCow: Quick Edition

I recently posted a rambling version of instructions about how to install BuddyPress 1.1.3 on FatCow: Installing BuddyPress on a Webhost « Disparate. BuddyPress 1.2 was just released, with some neat new features including the ability to run on a standard (non-WPµ) version of WordPress and a new way to handle templates. They now have … Continue reading “Installing BuddyPress 1.2 on FatCow: Quick Edition”

Judging Coffee and Beer: Answer to DoubleShot Coffee Company

DoubleShot Coffee Company: More Espresso Arguments. I’m not in the coffee biz but I do involve myself in some coffee-related things, including barista championships (sensory judge at regional and national) and numerous discussions with coffee artisans. In other words, I’m nobody important. In a way, I “come from” the worlds of beer and coffee homebrewing. … Continue reading “Judging Coffee and Beer: Answer to DoubleShot Coffee Company”

Installing BuddyPress on a Webhost

Installing BuddyPress on a FatCow-hosted site. With ramblings.

Actively Reading: OLPC Critique

Annotations on a critique of the OLPC project.

Happiness Anniversary

A year ago today, I found out that I was, in fact, happy.

What’s So “Social” About “Social Media?” (Podcamp Montreal Topic)

Planning my #pcmtl session.

War of the Bugs: Playing with Life in the Brewery

A mad brewer’s approach to wild yeast and bacteria.

How I Got Into Beer

Ramblings about my passions for beer and experimentation.

Beer Eye for the Coffee Guy (or Gal)

The coffee world can learn from the beer world.