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Virage à droite?

Viens de finir de regarder la couverture télé des élections. Assez intéressante, comme situation.

Pour répondre à une amie qui croit y voir un virage à droite, petite analyse à chaud.

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Canadian Microbreweries in 1985

Designer beer – Selling Suds: The Beer Industry in Canada – CBC Archives
Part of a series of archived clips on the beer industry in Canada. Relatively little has changed in the last 20 years for the macrobreweries (except for the fact that they've been bought or have merged). Microbreweries and brewpubs still have a long way to go in terms of market share but there's certainly more beer diversity now than there was in 1985. Also, awareness of craft beer seems to have increased quite a bit.
Other clips are quite interesting too.