Solving the Comment Problem

Blog writers like comments. Some bloggers just want traffic, especially if they are getting money from advertisement, but many of us would gladly give up a lot of traffic for more comments.

Problem is, it seems, many people aren’t too keen on leaving comments, even when they find a specific post quite interesting.

So, Alejna devised a nifty chart with shorthand notation for some comments. Maybe that’s what I should use here. Although… Alejna’s chart items are funny and appropriate to her blog. I guess I should devise my own chart.

Actually, it reminds me of the marking scheme I use with student assignments, in decreasing order of preference:

  • IF: Insightful
  • OC: Original and Creative
  • HP: Honest and Personal
  • TR: Thoughtful and Reflexive
  • EX: Appropriate Examples
  • ED: Elaborate and Detailed
  • CSF: Concise and Straightforward

I often put two or three of these in feedback to a single assignment. So an assignment can be both insightful and using appropriate examples. It may sound arbitrary, but it works very well for me as it does correspond to the way I read assignments. I really look for insight, first and foremost, but conciseness is a positive feature.

So, maybe I should have a chart for blog comments which would be similar to this. Of course, my own criteria for my own blog posts aren’t really the same as those for student assignments. And the order of preference seems to be quite different for blog posts. But there’s something about this which makes sense to me in a weird way.

Ah, well…