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Swiss Made Smiling

Swiss Smile

Viral marketing at its best.

The video works well at exactly the task it was set up to accomplish.

The song is my new theme song. Downloaded the sound file and would play it in a loop if I had a portable media player.

I love the mission, the concept, the song, the video, the logo, the lyrics, the people, the humour.

The only problem I have is that the t-shirt is too expensive for me and I would really love to wear it and make the whole thing even more viral.

To be perfectly honest, the video moved me. It filled exactly the spot it had to fill.

Random acts of kindness.

As Simple As That

Speaking of Omnikrom and Numéro#, full version of their fun-loving VCCGFMCA. (Via La Swompe, again.)

YouTube – Numéro# feat Omnikrom Chewing-gum fraise

They Want It All

YouTube wants to get all the music videos ever made. Should be fun to watch.