Building Ethics and Media

I sometimes have issues with moral entrepreneurs and other self-righteous “do what I preach or submit to my wrath” people. I certainly tolerate and respect them, but I do have some difficulties coping with their attitude.

On the other hand, I certainly salute initiatives which combine ethical values with self-empowerment, sustainable development, alter-globalization, sound economic principles, and pure, plain fun. I’m not an activist myself but I support and admire those who have the convictions of their strength.

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Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy on File-Sharing

ZeD – Content Piece – Wilco Interview
Some key issues and concepts. I share his perspective, both as a music fan and as a musician.
It might be important to expand upon the very notion of copyright as applied to music. Jacques Attali’s Bruits discusses this creation and how it was never meant to protect the actual artists.