Random Endorsements

Completely unsolicited, of course. In no particular order.

  • Outliners
  • Malian tô millet and sauce dish
  • Chungking Express poetic movie
  • Open-mindedness
  • Lamb sandwich from l’Olivier at Jean-Talon Market
  • Oregon, long-lived and eclectic Jazz band
  • Passion
  • Boris Vian
  • Ripe Brillat-Savarin cheese from Atwater Market
  • West Africa
  • Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories
  • Teaching
  • Mussels marinère with Belgian beer
  • Open Access policies for academic texts
  • French Chanson
  • Quality beer and all-you-can-eat ribs at Redbones
  • Geeky conversations
  • Beef banh mi from Nhu Lan on Saint-Zotique
  • Napping
  • Cultural awareness
  • Flemish Red ales
  • Geek culture
  • Orval tart and bitter Belgian ale
  • Hedonism
  • Peter Sellers’s Being There
  • Free/Libre Open Source Software movement
  • Reblochon cheese from Migros
  • Myst-like adventure games
  • Lactancia My Country unsalted butter
  • PalmOS (GarnetOS) devices
  • Le Paltoquet French theater-like movie
  • Mort Subite gueuze on tap at Pianissimo
  • Mountainous regions
  • Sleep
  • RJ Coup de grisou buckwheat ale
  • TuniZika Tunisian music podcast
  • Pieces of dry beef («rebibes») from Migros
  • Apple computers
  • Hiking
  • Ripe avocados from Atlantic Superstore in June 2003
  • Calabash Music "fair-trade" music store
  • Hunting Island, SC
  • Freshly-baked bread rolls from Doré mie
  • Well-Rounded Radio open-minded music podcast
  • View of Lake Leman from the BFSH2 building
  • Friendship
  • Sea scallops

Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

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