Techno Lust

Yes, I tend to be overly enthusiastic. Granted, I know exactly nothing about it yet. Sure, I’ve been influenced by the years of rumours. Not to mention the iPhone hype.

But I still feel like I really need one of these.

Apple – iPod touch

Really, I do.

I’m much less of a gadget freak people think I am. I just need several devices to do what I do. And this could be it.

Much more so than an iPhone. I don’t need an iPhone. I need an iPod touch. I need a WiFi enabled music player based on the iPod. I know why but I don’t need to justify myself. I’m just being honest.


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Techno Lust”

  1. If I had money to invest in a device, I probably wouldn’t put that money on the iPod touch… or even on the OpenMoko. I’m not in the market. I’m just dreaming about having such a device and doing neat things with it. That’s why I called it “lust.” It’s a fantasy, which helps me understand what is happening. And I do think that this specific product is doing more than what the sine wave of the hype factor would lead us to believe.
    But, of course, that’s what Tajel would call “speculative analysis.”.

  2. Ok, point taken…but it’s only another month until they release it to the general public, supposedly.

    But yeah, my “shit I need” queue is still longer than my “shit I want” queue too. Alas. And even this, in a closed format and lacking the ability to adapt, is very useful currently and would stay relevant for at least a decent number of…months.

  3. I know all of this. And I would indeed prefer an OpenMoko device. But the iPod touch is on sale now and does enough of the things I want it to do that I can dream about using one.
    As you say, chances are that better devices will come along. Although, because of market pressures, it’s possible that the iPod touch could in fact make it more difficult for those other devices to penetrate the market. So we’ll have to wait and see.
    In the meantime, I want an iPod touch. I can’t get one, but I still want one.

  4. Sure, it’s slick…I personally could really use a little palm computer w/ wifi and I’d like it to play mp3s as well. But it’s still not an open platform and you don’t have the option to install applications of your own or someone else’s on it. You’re stuck on their road, in their bus, on their timeframe. Granted, with a web browser you can at least use some web apps but one doesn’t always have wifi when one needs an app for some purpose and there’s alot of things I’d be uncomfortable transmitting over the web (ie financial data). This thing is close but in the end it’s a prison.

    So…don’t buy into the hype, this will be useless soon and better tools will replace it.

    Although it is very slick…

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