Planning Austin

Been thinking about our upcoming move to Austin, TX. We’ll be there by mid-December.

Looks like our neighborhood, Bouldin Creek, will be an interesting one. It’s close to the (apparently trendy) SoCo area as well as downtown.

Been putting dots on a map for places of potential interest.

Google Maps

Zoom map

Of course, much of my interest focuses on coffee and beer, at this point. But I often find out that this type of focus is a great way to learn a new place.


Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

9 thoughts on “Planning Austin”

  1. Thanks for the links!
    So far, I’ve mostly been in touch with Austin’s brewing community but I am now in touch with members of the coffee scene (and, obviously, some academic contacts). Our neighborhood will be a fun one.
    As for temperature, well, I’ll miss Montreal’s. The current temperature is so nice…

  2. Good luck with the move. I’ve never been to Austin, but it sounds like a cool city. (Probably not cool in the sense of lower temparatures, but cool in the sense of having a diverse population and cultural scene.)

    I couldn’t help but think of a blogger I was reading who was from Austin, but seems to have left the blogosphere. She had an Austin-related blog where you might find some interesting things, including some pub/restaurant reviews. She also has quite a lot of Austin-related links in her blogroll.

  3. Bien vous allez découvrir un nouvel environnement, ça devrait être intéressant! Je te souhaite de trouver de quoi aussi côté boulot, à moins que tu as déjà quelque chose ?

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