Brewing Cultures: Craft Beer and Cultural Identity in North America (Draft)

Here's the draft of my presentation for a food and society conference at Boston University this past Thursday.

Brewing Cultures: Craft Beer and Cultural Identity in North America (draft)
And associated slides.

A blog version should follow. Comments are deeply appreciated!

Author: enkerli

French-speaking ethnographer, homeroaster, anthropologist, musician, coffee enthusiast.

17 thoughts on “Brewing Cultures: Craft Beer and Cultural Identity in North America (Draft)”

  1. Kev,

    Thanks for the reply!
    Actually, the presentation itself got a very good response.
    The gender issue is a huge one. Though there are some women in the hobby and many women do drink beer, there’s a lot to think about in terms of beer as a male drink. Not that this gender connection is a bad thing. But it has some interesting implications. For instance, women tend to appreciate certain kinds of beer more than others and these are possibly where beer sales could increase.

    Noticed anything about women and beer, in your own life?

  2. As I read this (and being a beer-geek myself), I kept nodding my head, thinking “yup, that’s me and most of the folks I know.” The section on gender really has me thinking. Is it possible to attract more women to the hobby?

    I have a brewing blog myself, so I was planning to post a link to this article. Thanks for sharing it.

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